Brian St.Clair


Brian St.Clair

Many real estate professionals now rely on a team approach to help clients with buying or selling your home. You will only deal with the Realtor for a very short time before being passed to an assistant or transaction coordinator that handles the rest of your transaction.

That will not happen with me!

You will deal directly with me the entire time. I will meet with you to discuss your goals and needs. You will have my cell phone number and I will personally answer all of your questions. I take great pride in my past clients being totally satisfied with my services. Please read the reviews about me and then ask yourself this question:  Do I want to deal with different people every time I have a question or an issue, or do I want a Professional Realtor that knows my name, my needs, and my goals, and will take the time to guide me through this process?

If you are like me, I prefer doing business with individuals, not an entire group. My clients know that they can reach out to me, and that I'll be there for them, even after they have completed their purchase or the sale of their home. Many years later, I still stay in contact with almost everyone that I've worked with.

If this is what you are looking for in a Realtor, give me a call or an email, and I'll get started helping you, TODAY!